Bargain Hunt

toysBraving the cold outside my local church at 10am on a Saturday morning, I was sincerely hoping that what I would find inside was worth giving up my lie in for. Was it spiritual fulfilment that I was looking for? No, the only fulfilment I would ever give up my bed for is retail.

We had come to check out a “nearly new” baby sale as we had been told that there would be lots of potential bargains. We weren’t the only ones. By 10.30 there was a long queue of people with their babies/toddlers all looking pretty cut throat. I mentally got into combat mode- elbows at the ready, I would smack down anyone who got in between me and my sale.

The doors finally opened and we stampeded inside as only people on the hunt for a bargain can. The stalls were all set up and my immediate impression was horror at just how much stuff people had to sell. Was this normal? I hoped not as I doubted my flat would be big enough to accommodate it all. How would I stay sane if I was drowning under a sea of clothes, toys and gimmicky gadgets?! At this point some might say that I should choose the happiness derived from my child playing with toys over the mess they inevitably create. I tell those people to sod off – I will have a tidy place and my kid can play with a cardboard box instead (don’t knock it – cardboard boxes are known to stimulate imagination and also make for an economical and environmentally friendly toy).

We strategically did a quick circuit to see what was on offer and saw that most people were selling clothes and toys. I had already got sacks of clothes from a nice lady at work so I wasn’t interested in buying anymore. We were after the big stuff. Hubby discovered another room at the back where the prams and Moses baskets were. We excitedly went to see what was on offer and soon realised it was pretty lame. I started to feel disillusioned – there was no shiny newness and I just felt… meh. Was I actually more of a snob when it came to second hand goods than I thought?

This feeling was compounded by the fact that there were a surprising number of people flogging potties, nappy bins and changing mats. Are times really so hard that you would resort to buying and using something that has been shat on copiously by someone else’s kid? Seemed a bit gross to me.

I stoically continued hunting for treasures but alas, the only things we found were small items like toiletries, car accessories and a baby carrier. By far our best buys of the day were the cupcakes we ate on the way out and a super soft teddy/blanket that was for myself as it wasn’t suitable for newborns.

So was it worth going to? As long as you leave your snobbery at the door and put your bargain hunt hat on, then as most women will tell you, all shopping is worth it – especially if it involves cake!


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